A Bit About Us

Builder of great athletes today and exceptional leaders of the future

Girl Boss Sports is a womxn led company with all womxn coaches dedicated to sports technical training and sports organization consulting with special attention to leadership, communication, social emotional learning and equity. We currently offer private sports lessons, customizable team training sessions, programs specific to clubs and organizations we partner with, and more!

Although our company was born with the idea of offering a more friendly and inspiring coaching environment for girl and womxn athletes, our philosophies and mission are effective for ALL athletes. We believe that we can help build the skills needed to be exceptional athletes today as well as exceptional leaders in the future.

Girl Boss Sports Goals

Keeping Girls In Sports & Improving The Pipeline of Female Sports Coaches

1 – Keeping girls in sports by providing them with a quality sports experience and womxn role-models who know how to succeed both as female athletes and in life.

By the age of 14, girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports
By the age of 17, half of all girls who play sports have dropped out
95% of female C-Suite Executives report playing sports as a teenager

2 – Improving the pipeline of female sports coaches. This is something we are working to disrupt in the sports industry because:

In the US only 28% of youth sports coaches are women; for soccer, the number is only 21%
The higher up in administrations you go, the fewer women there are in senior level positions – for example only 20 percent of NCAA Athletic Directors are female

The Services We Offer

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Team Trainings
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