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Here at Girl Boss Sports, we believe that “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” We believe that girls can achieve more in sports and in life when they have coaches and role-models to look up to who understand the unique challenges that female athletes face. In addition to sport-specific skill development, we also work on leadership, communication, and social skills that are necessary in sports and over the lifespan. We believe that “you can be what you can see” and empower our clients through personalized and sport-specific services with an all female coaching staff. If you are ready to get started, head to our “ATHLETES” page for package information.

We have 2 guiding values at Girl Boss Sports that determine everything we do: 

  1. Keeping girls in sports by providing them with a quality sports experience and female role-models who know how to succeed as female athletes and in life. 
  • By the age of 14, girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports
  • By the age of 17, half of all girls who play sports have dropped out
  • Yet, 96% of female C-Suite Executives report playing sports as a teenager, and over half played at the University level – proving the many benefits of sports for success later in life

2. Improving the pipeline of female sports coaches as there are way too few of us. This is something we are working to disrupt in the sports industry because:

  • Here in the US only 28% of youth sports coaches are women
  • For soccer, the number is only 21%
  • The higher up in administrations you go, the fewer women there are in senior level positions – for example only 20 percent of NCAA Athletic Directors are female

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To work toward these two goals, we provide sports clinics, classes, camps and private lessons (for individuals or with up to 10 friends) for female athletes with female coaches. Check out our ATHLETES page to find out more information about our available packages or clinics and pricing.

We also established the Girl Boss Coach Network which serves as a directory of women sports coaches who can opt in to receiving relevant job notifications based on their preferences as well as gain access to a monthly newsletter, a wonen’s sport coaches Facebook group, coaching resources, and a calendar of events for women in sports and leadership. If you are a current or aspiring sport coach – join for FREE today!

And finally, we also provide training and consultation to other companies, organizations, clubs, and schools who would like to partner and work toward these goals together. Email Info@GirlBossSports.com for additional information.


Girl Boss Sports was founded by Sarah Wolfer in 2018 to provide a service that is otherwise lacking in this world: One that is focused on the female athlete and coach experience. Sarah understands what it takes to be successful on AND off the soccer field and has used this knowledge and experience to help other female athletes and coaches do the same. Sarah has been a soccer coach for 15 years and has played this beautiful game for over 25 years. In addition, Sarah is currently an athlete herself with The Seattle Majestics Football Team and brings this experience to her work as well. You can read more about Sarah HERE.

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