“Women in a Day” Podcast Features CEO Sarah Wolfer on Vital Changes Needed in Youth Sports

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Jenny and Portia of the “Women in a Day” Podcast sat down with our CEO to talk about many of the changes needed in youth sports (and so much more!). The “Women in a Day” podcast was created to give a deep look at the daily lives of women of all kinds, from sunrise to sunset. During this episode you will hear about Sarah’s own journey involving sports and find out what inspired her to start this company. You can tune into the full episode HERE.

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Here is what Jenny and Portia have to say about the episode:

“Sarah Wolfer is ready to change a culture that is in desperate need of attention – youth athletics. Sarah created Girl Boss Sports when she saw the correlation between female leadership and involvement in sports. We are huge believers in the mission of Girl Boss Sports and can’t wait to see programs and clinics like Sarah’s becoming standard practice in female youth sports.

Keep reading to learn more about Girl Boss Sports and Sarah’s current sports passion – playing tackle football for the Seattle Majestics!”



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