Everyone has been curious about how Girl Boss Sports has been getting through this time and we decided to sit down with our CEO, Sarah Wolfer, and talk about just that!


What are your thoughts on what is happening in the world right now with COVID-19?


It has been heartbreaking to see the impact this is having on so many people’s lives throughout the world and I am looking forward to the future when we begin the work of making the necessary changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again. To witness the most vulnerable members of our society be the most adversely impacted has pulled on my heart strings and I wish there were more we could do right now to support everyone in our community who needs it the most. Throughout this time, I have also been thankful to see the kindness that has been spread throughout the community. Even with the great strain this is causing everyone, it has been phenomenal to watch so many people come forward and offer their skills to the world in this time of need. It gives me hope for our future to see people going above and beyond to do their part in this health crisis. As a special thank you to those on the front-lines, we are offering 25% off all virtual services for medical professionals. Email info@girlbosssports.com to get the code!


Up until COVID-19, Girl Boss Sports was offering all in-person activities throughout the Greater Seattle area. Now that these activities have been suspended for several weeks, how is Girl Boss Sports continuing to push forward during this time?


This crisis has hit so many small businesses especially hard, and we are unfortunately in the same boat. With every one of our services we previously offered, now being unavailable, we have used the collective brains of our administrative staff to come up with several options to keep us (and our athletes) moving forward during this time. We don’t want to just “hunker down” and “get through” this. Instead, we are working hard to bring the best available services we can to you in the comfort of your own home AND build Girl Boss Sports at the same time.


  1. We are now offering a variety of virtual services including the following. You can do these from the comfort of your own home or backyard and all you need is a soccer ball, some cones, and an internet connection with video/ audio capabilities.


  • Individual, Partner, and Small/Large group private soccer lessons for field players and goalkeepers
  • Soccer bootcamp group classes for fitness and soccer skills – Offered 3x weekly for $30 per week or $15 per class
  • Week long customized soccer training plans with 2 private lessons included
  • Week long customized soccer and personal training plans in partnership with MarqUp Personal training with 2 soccer lessons and 2 personal training sessions


  1. We are working with clubs, schools, and organizations on providing them with a “Mental Skills for Female Athletes” training entirely online. We are also developing “train the trainer” models to prepare your coaches to better work with your female athletes virtually during these times. If your team / group is interested in this training, please contact our CEO at ceosarahwolfer@girlbosssports.com.


  1. Clients can purchase packages now for future in-person soccer lessons to keep us going over the next few months. You can purchase 3, 5, or 10 sessions packages HERE.You will then be able to use these gift certificates once we are able to resume outdoor in-person sessions.


  1. We are onboarding several new administrative staff as we continue to push towards our 2020 goals. We will soon be announcing a new Director of Business Development and Operations, a Director of Coaching, an Equity and Inclusion Manager, a Manager of Strategic Partnerships, a Marketing Director, a Social Media Coordinator, a Graphic Designer, a Videographer, and a Photographer. These staff  will be working alongside the rest of our administrative team including our Administrative Wizard, Mandi Marquardt, our General Legal Counsel, Lisa Martinez, and myself, the CEO/ Founder of Girl Boss Sports. With all these exciting updates to the team, we are ready to tackle the challenges ahead of us and continue to break barriers for girls and womxn in sports. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to see all upcoming staff and programmatic updates.

What is it actually like to be offering virtual soccer?


If you asked me 6 months ago if I thought we would be moving toward offering soccer lessons via Zoom, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. Yet, here we are in the midst of a global pandemic and doing our best to continue to serve the athletes we work with in new adaptive ways, and it has actually turned out to be quite amazing in its own way! Though much harder to teach a soccer lesson via Zoom, it has ensured that I up my game and come up with countless drills to be done over a webcam and keep it engaging and fun. It has sharpened up my skills and those of the athletes I have worked with, so I plan to continue these and train more of our coaches on the ins and outs of virtual training. Overall, I would say this has been successful so far and I can’t wait to see how these services grow and progress over the coming weeks.

What are your clients saying about these new services?


“I really like Girl Boss Sports because they make training very fun, and at the same time very effective. They are very nice, patient, and encouraging, giving you the feedback you need to improve, and telling you what a good job you’ve done after every exercise.” – Maya – 11 years old

“I like the timing of the activities and all the different drills we can do with just cones and ladders.” – Taylor – 13 years old

“It’s really fun because there’s nothing else to do so I look forward to the class a lot.” – Maddie – 10 years old

“I like it because it’s a good workout, especially since we can’t go outside and it’s really fun!” – Destiny – 14 years old

“I did 1 week of Virtual GK and Personal Training with Mandi. She walked me through each of the exercises and made sure I was doing it correctly. After just one week I feel better about diving as a GK, and I know how I can improve. I will definitely be doing some more sessions in the near future.” – Stephanie Spencer – Adult

How can the community support Girl Boss Sports right now?

Clients can purchase any of the above virtual services to be used while staying at home. If virtual services don’t sound like a good fit, then clients can pre-purchase in-person lessons in the form of gift cards to be used once we are able to hold these services again. These in-person services will soon be available from Lynnwood down into Kitsap County (and just about anywhere between), and Portland, OR as well! You can purchase these as gifts for your friends and family and/or any soccer players (male or female) that you know in these areas. You can also share our social media posts to help spread the word about all the services we are offering.


Any final thoughts?

I just want to thank our community of supporters who continue to work with us during these times. We are very hopeful for the future and look forward to getting out on the field with you all soon! Stay safe and healthy out there!


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