Our Mission

Although Girl Boss Sports is a training, coaching organization, helping athletes’ technical performance is only a small portion of our greater mission. Girl Boss Sports exists to make change in the sports arena and pave the way for womxn athletes and coaches.  

As you learn more about the history and goals of Girl Boss Sports, you will see why the existence of a womxn led company was needed to create safer and inclusive sports coaching environments and create more opportunities for womxn coaches to receive training and coaching experience.

We have two goals at Girl Boss Sports: 

  1. KEEPING GIRLS IN SPORTS as they are dropping out at alarming rates.
  • By the age of 14, girls are dropping out of sports at 2X the rate of boys!
  • Yet, 95% of female C-suite executives report playing sports as teenagers. 
  • In order to lessen the leadership gap between men and womxn across ALL industries, we must first keep girls in sports. 
  1. INCREASING THE NUMBER OF WOMXN SPORTS COACHES as there are way too few of us.

Here in the US, only 21% of soccer coaches are women – globally it is only 7%! 

Our Core Values

At Girl Boss Sports, the following values are the core of who we are and how we conduct ourselves as a company and as coaches.  We firmly believe that these values are what not only sets us apart from other organizations, but also what will change the sports space for all and the WORLD.

Integrity – “We believe in choosing courage over comfort, choosing what’s right over what’s fun, fast or easy, and practicing our values not simply professing them.” – Brene Brown

Courage – We believe that courage is not the absence of fear, but knowing that we can do the hard things anyways. We practice this belief in everything we do, inside and outside of the Girl Boss Sports arena, as this is both who we are AND what we do. 

Leadership – We believe that girls make excellent leaders and we are dedicated to helping them develop the skills that will prepare them for life inside and outside of the field/court/etc. We believe that the future of leadership is female

Service to others At Girl Boss Sports,we believe that we achieve more ourselves by sharing our gifts with others and caring for those around us. We believe that if we are able to accomplish anything in this world, it will be in equal measure due to the work and achievements of others. We were inspired by the African philosophy Ubuntu, that calls us to recognize that we are all bound together and that there is a oneness to humanityUbuntu, a Nguni Bantu (Zulu) term meaning “humanity” or “ the quality of being human”.  Dozie Okeleke’s TED talk: Concept of “Ubuntu”

Accountability – We are committed to taking ownership of our actions. We are committed to developing a culture of accountability that is not punitive in nature, but one that is growth-oriented and goal-directed

Equity – We believe that ALL girls and womxn regardless of race, ethnicity, gender-identity, socio-economic status, ability, language, etc. should have equitable opportunities in the sports industry and in life and we are committed to advocating for equity and inclusion practices at all levels.

Social Justice We advocate for social justice and fight against social injustice. We strive to ensure access to information, services, resources, opportunities, and meaningful participation in decision making for ALL people with particular emphasis on girls and womxn involved in sports.

Safety – We believe that all athletes and coaches deserve a safe environment to work/play in. This includes helping to prevent injuries for our athletes as well as eliminating inappropriate, unethical, and non-inclusive behaviors by coaching and administrative staff. We also believe in advocating for this in the larger society and sports world even when it is hard.

Our Coaching Philosophy; The “Whole Athlete” Approach

Girl Boss Sports coaching philosophy includes specific strategies intended to address the mental, social and physical challenges young athletes experience through intentional coaching in the areas of mental health, empowerment and leadership development with special attention to inclusivity.  

By prioritizing the unique experiences faced by girl athletes, we provide a safe training environment for all athletes; that not only helps players to reach their full athletic potential, but will also prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Team

We have staff across several states and the world helping us to achieve our mission of disrupting the sports industry for girls and womxn everywhere. You can meet the team behind the mission through the link below! 

Our Partners

We work alongside several clubs, organizations, and companies who are also dedicated to making a difference in the sports world. You can learn more about our partners and how to become one through the link below!