Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) and Girl Boss Sports Partner up for Girls and Women in Sports – Check it out!

Girl Boss Sports is excited to announce another partnership that will work toward our shared goals of increasing the number of women sports coaches and keeping girls in sports! We will be collaborating with the Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) on several projects including assisting with their Fall Academies, providing training to SYSA coaches, and much more.

In addition, all members of SYSA are eligible to receive a Girl Boss Sports discount on ANY service we provide. Email for additional information.


The Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is a nonprofit governance organization that brings support and soccer opportunities at all levels of the play to children aged 5-19 across the two cities. The organization is comprised of 12 neighborhood clubs that facilitate recreational soccer, 1 citywide club that oversees regional select and premier programs as well as 1 citywide TOPSoccer program (soccer for players with disabilities).

SYSA Mission:

“It is the mission of Seattle Youth Soccer Association to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth of all children looking to play soccer in the city’s of Seattle and Shoreline. We strive to provide safe, educational and fun environments for all players to develop skills through the sport of soccer, at all levels of competency and ages.”

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Be on the lookout for several exciting announcements coming your way soon!

Girl Boss Sports Partners with Street Soccer Seattle for Women Experiencing Homelessness


Girl Boss Sports is excited to announce a new partnership with Street Soccer Seattle!

Street Soccer Seattle is all about using soccer for social change. Their mission is “to foster the camaraderie, community, and confidence that are central to the sport of soccer to empower homeless individuals to find greater success and peace in their lives.” Through soccer, a powerful community can be fostered that includes individuals affected by homelessness, coaches, mentors, volunteers, and community partners.  Street Soccer Seattle then uses this team platform to create a training curriculum of job preparation, life skills, and other specialized services, ultimately connecting participants directly to jobs, education, and housing.

street soccer seattle.png

Once a year Street Soccer Seattle is proud to send a team to participate in the Street Soccer USA Cup and represent the city of Seattle. At the cup, players get to speak up about what they play for and learn what it means to represent their home city to the world. Ultimately Street Soccer Seattle’s goal is to look at life beyond the national tournament in supporting players toward achieving their goals off the field. By joining the team, players are able to reconnect with their community and form long-lasting bonds with coaches, volunteers, and their teammates. 75% of Street Soccer players nationally complete a rehabilitation program, further their education, gain employment, or find housing within a year of joining the team.

Girl Boss Sports is excited to be partnering with this amazing organization to build a team for women who are experiencing homelessness in the Seattle area. Our CEO, Sarah Wolfer, will be providing mentorship to the Head Coach of the women’s team as well as other applicable resources to the many other incredible humans who are working tirelessly to get this new women’s team moving forward.

Street soccer seattle 2

Practices will be held every Thursday beginning next week (7/11/19) from 5:30-7PM with the location still TBD (though it will be in the University District). Please email for additional information about this new Street Soccer Seattle Women’s team.

And as always, please help spread the word so we can continue to make an impact on the sports community for girls and women everywhere. Happy Friday all you #GirlBosses out there!




Grit and Grace Podcast Features Girl Boss Sports CEO Sarah Wolfer

Grit and Grace.PNG

Our CEO, Sarah Wolfer, sat down with Tahverlee of the Grit and Grace Podcast to talk about all things women supporting women, sports, and entrepreneurship. In this episode, they dive deep into the circumstances that led to Sarah starting this company including her very own fight for equal pay at a prior company as well as experiences she had as both an athlete and a coach. If you are ready to learn more about the challenges that female athletes and coaches face and what Girl Boss Sports is doing to help – tune in HERE!

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Grit & Grace is a podcast about strong women doing amazing things in business, fitness and crushing life! Tahverlee interviews some of the most remarkable women who have been so helpful in her entrepreneurial journey and shares the trials and triumphs on their success.

Girl Boss Sports Partners with West Coast Goalkeeping for all your GK Equipment Needs

West Coast GK

Girl Boss Sports is excited to announce another partnership – this time with West Coast Goalkeeping. As the largest goalkeeping outfitter in the US, West Coast GK is ready to assist you with all your Goalkeeping equipment needs. All Girl Boss Sports Goalkeeping Coaches use West Coast Goalkeeping equipment and if you’d like to purchase your own, all Girl Boss Sports clients have been provided with a discount code to utilize. To get the code, email with West Coast GK in the subject line. You can read about all our partners including West Coast Goalkeeping HERE.

West Coast GK 2

Girl Boss Sports Goalkeeper Coach Jackie Amrine pictured with her new West Coast Goalkeeping Gloves – If you’d like to book a lesson with Coach Jackie head HERE.

Girl Boss Sports Summer Soccer Camp Announced!

You asked for it and we are providing it! The Girl Boss Sports week-long summer camp is now officially open for registration and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this action-packed adventure to the female soccer player in your life. We have partnered with Forest Ridge School in Bellevue Washington during the week of August 12th – 16th with drop-off times set for 8:30-9AM and pick-up set for 4PM. The camp is entirely led by female soccer coaches who can become dynamic role-models for your daughter and help her learn to “play like a girl.” You can learn more about the summer camp and register HERE.

soccer 19

We focus on the following key areas:

  • Developing a Champion Mentality – Confidence, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Respect, Work-Ethic
  • Technical Skills – Footwork, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Fakes/ Moves
  • Soccer Fitness – Speed, Agility, Endurance, Balance, Leg strength, Flexibility, Coordination

We will also be bringing in inspirational women to talk to our athletes about being successful in sports AND in life. This week is guaranteed to be a fun and learning experience for all female soccer players in the Greater Seattle area!

The total cost for the camp is $400 per athlete. There are limited spots so be sure to register HERE ASAP.


“Live and Lead for Impact” Podcast Features Girl Boss Sports CEO on Sports, Women in the Workplace, and Advocating for Yourself

Kirsten Ross of the “Live and Lead for Impact” podcast and our CEO Sarah Wolfer sat down and talked all things women in the workplace, leadership, and sports! In this episode, Sarah discusses several experiences that led to the creation of Girl Boss Sports and ways that you can make an impact as well in your own sphere of influence. If you are ready to learn more about ways to take care of yourself, how to develop a support system, and how sports are beneficial for anyone, check out the episode HERE.

Live and Lead for Impact


“Mighty Women in March” Series of the “Miss Adventurous Podcast” features Girl Boss Sports CEO Sarah Wolfer

Girl Boss Sports CEO Sarah Wolfer was honored to participate in the Mighty Women in March series through the Miss Adventurous Podcast hosted by Tiffany Rouge. If you missed the recording, you can listen in HERE.

Miss Adventerous Podcast.PNG

In this episode we dive into the challenges that happen both on the field and in the workplace for girls and women. Sarah and Tiffany discuss the lessons learned along the way through her sports journey and how she’s bringing that passion to the work of Girl Boss Sports. Tiffany asks a ton of great questions that will give you insight into what it’s like being a “womanpreneur” and give you a behind the scenes look into running Girl Boss Sports. Check it out and share the episode!

“Women in a Day” Podcast Features CEO Sarah Wolfer on Vital Changes Needed in Youth Sports

Women in a Day graphic.PNG

Jenny and Portia of the “Women in a Day” Podcast sat down with our CEO to talk about many of the changes needed in youth sports (and so much more!). The “Women in a Day” podcast was created to give a deep look at the daily lives of women of all kinds, from sunrise to sunset. During this episode you will hear about Sarah’s own journey involving sports and find out what inspired her to start this company. You can tune into the full episode HERE.

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Here is what Jenny and Portia have to say about the episode:

“Sarah Wolfer is ready to change a culture that is in desperate need of attention – youth athletics. Sarah created Girl Boss Sports when she saw the correlation between female leadership and involvement in sports. We are huge believers in the mission of Girl Boss Sports and can’t wait to see programs and clinics like Sarah’s becoming standard practice in female youth sports.

Keep reading to learn more about Girl Boss Sports and Sarah’s current sports passion – playing tackle football for the Seattle Majestics!”


Announcing NEW Partnership with GOALS Haiti – Using Soccer to Drive Social Change in Rural Haiti

Girl Boss Sports is excited to announce a new partnership with GOALS HaitiGOALS uses soccer in Haiti to engage youth and their families in programs that emphasize education, health and the environment to improve their quality of life on a daily basis. Through leadership development and social change initiatives they are creating stronger, healthier communities in rural Haiti.

GOALS Haiti 1

“At GOALS, our kids are provided the coaching, equipment, food, and water plus the mentoring and team support needed to practice and play competitively. They participate in weekly volunteer community service projects (such as planting trees and litter clean up) and attend a weekly language or health lesson. In addition to our core soccer program, youth and their families may enroll in GOALS’ ongoing literacy classes and are eligible to apply for school tuition support through our Dream Team program. In return their families and communities support our mandate of equal play for boys and girls, parents volunteer by preparing and serving meals and participate in monthly community meetings. Founded in 2010 in the remote village of Destra our programs have been replicated in three different villages near the town of Léogane. We rely on our communities and the trusted relationships we have fostered over the years to provide crucial feedback for our program development and for our response to emergency situations such as Hurricane Matthew. Our success has been due to the collaboration with community leaders and individual family members who know their needs best.”

Now these are some values that Girl Boss Sports can get behind!

GOALS Haiti 2

Girl Boss Sports is collaborating with GOALS Haiti on several initiatives to be announced in the coming months including a soccer/ leadership camp in Haiti led by Girl Boss Sports coaching staff, equipment drives, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the amazing work of this organization, you can head HERE.

There are several ways you can support GOALS Haiti – including donating new and lightly used equipment, liking their FACEBOOK page, making a donation, or sponsoring a team.

GOALS Haiti 3

#ICYMI – CEO Sarah Wolfer of Girl Boss Sports is featured in “Chasing My Halo”

What a tremendous experience it was to collaborate with Angie from “Chasing my Halo.” If you haven’t heard of her before, she has an awesome blog that you shouldn’t miss! In this interview, Sarah and Angie discuss the “Play like a Girl” motto behind Girl Boss Sports, empowerment of girls and women through sports, and so much more.

Chasing my halo.PNG

Here is a sneak peek:

“Sports have always played a major role in my life – beginning at the age of 4 when I first began to play soccer. Over the course of my life, I have found that many of the lessons I learned through my sports journey also taught me many skills that helped me find success as a woman in this world. Through sports, I learned the importance of leadership, confidence, communication, and teamwork – all of which helped me successfully run several programs in the nonprofit sector during the time of my life when social work was my primary career focus. I also learned that there are many parallels between the barriers that women face in the sports world and in the workplace. When I fought for and secured equal pay, it reminded me how important it is that girls are raised to know their worth and that they are taught skills to help them negotiate success in the male-dominated world we live in. After being labeled as “too assertive” for asking to be paid equally to two men at a prior company, I became even more passionate about supporting girls and women along their journeys to live to their full potential and achieve their goals. Because of these life experiences and several others, I founded Girl Boss Sports in Seattle, WA”

Check out the full article on “Chasing my Halo” HERE.