“Women in a Day” Podcast Features CEO Sarah Wolfer on Vital Changes Needed in Youth Sports

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Jenny and Portia of the “Women in a Day” Podcast sat down with our CEO to talk about many of the changes needed in youth sports (and so much more!). The “Women in a Day” podcast was created to give a deep look at the daily lives of women of all kinds, from sunrise to sunset. During this episode you will hear about Sarah’s own journey involving sports and find out what inspired her to start this company. You can tune into the full episode HERE.

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Here is what Jenny and Portia have to say about the episode:

“Sarah Wolfer is ready to change a culture that is in desperate need of attention – youth athletics. Sarah created Girl Boss Sports when she saw the correlation between female leadership and involvement in sports. We are huge believers in the mission of Girl Boss Sports and can’t wait to see programs and clinics like Sarah’s becoming standard practice in female youth sports.

Keep reading to learn more about Girl Boss Sports and Sarah’s current sports passion – playing tackle football for the Seattle Majestics!”


Announcing NEW Partnership with GOALS Haiti – Using Soccer to Drive Social Change in Rural Haiti

Girl Boss Sports is excited to announce a new partnership with GOALS HaitiGOALS uses soccer in Haiti to engage youth and their families in programs that emphasize education, health and the environment to improve their quality of life on a daily basis. Through leadership development and social change initiatives they are creating stronger, healthier communities in rural Haiti.

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“At GOALS, our kids are provided the coaching, equipment, food, and water plus the mentoring and team support needed to practice and play competitively. They participate in weekly volunteer community service projects (such as planting trees and litter clean up) and attend a weekly language or health lesson. In addition to our core soccer program, youth and their families may enroll in GOALS’ ongoing literacy classes and are eligible to apply for school tuition support through our Dream Team program. In return their families and communities support our mandate of equal play for boys and girls, parents volunteer by preparing and serving meals and participate in monthly community meetings. Founded in 2010 in the remote village of Destra our programs have been replicated in three different villages near the town of Léogane. We rely on our communities and the trusted relationships we have fostered over the years to provide crucial feedback for our program development and for our response to emergency situations such as Hurricane Matthew. Our success has been due to the collaboration with community leaders and individual family members who know their needs best.”

Now these are some values that Girl Boss Sports can get behind!

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Girl Boss Sports is collaborating with GOALS Haiti on several initiatives to be announced in the coming months including a soccer/ leadership camp in Haiti led by Girl Boss Sports coaching staff, equipment drives, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the amazing work of this organization, you can head HERE.

There are several ways you can support GOALS Haiti – including donating new and lightly used equipment, liking their FACEBOOK page, making a donation, or sponsoring a team.

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#ICYMI – CEO Sarah Wolfer of Girl Boss Sports is featured in “Chasing My Halo”

What a tremendous experience it was to collaborate with Angie from “Chasing my Halo.” If you haven’t heard of her before, she has an awesome blog that you shouldn’t miss! In this interview, Sarah and Angie discuss the “Play like a Girl” motto behind Girl Boss Sports, empowerment of girls and women through sports, and so much more.

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Here is a sneak peek:

“Sports have always played a major role in my life – beginning at the age of 4 when I first began to play soccer. Over the course of my life, I have found that many of the lessons I learned through my sports journey also taught me many skills that helped me find success as a woman in this world. Through sports, I learned the importance of leadership, confidence, communication, and teamwork – all of which helped me successfully run several programs in the nonprofit sector during the time of my life when social work was my primary career focus. I also learned that there are many parallels between the barriers that women face in the sports world and in the workplace. When I fought for and secured equal pay, it reminded me how important it is that girls are raised to know their worth and that they are taught skills to help them negotiate success in the male-dominated world we live in. After being labeled as “too assertive” for asking to be paid equally to two men at a prior company, I became even more passionate about supporting girls and women along their journeys to live to their full potential and achieve their goals. Because of these life experiences and several others, I founded Girl Boss Sports in Seattle, WA”

Check out the full article on “Chasing my Halo” HERE.

The Benefits of Sports for Girls – As told by our CEO Sarah Wolfer on “Read with You” Podcast – Check out the Episode HERE

The “Read with You” podcast is devoted to parents and educators who are passionate about helping young people learn, and the latest episode features our very own CEO on all things girls and sports! If you want to learn how sports will benefit not only your daughter but also the community at large – listen in HERE.

Read with you

Girl Boss Sports CEO Sarah Wolfer dives into the the impact that sports can have on education, mental and physical health, and much more in this episode – you don’t want to miss this one! In just 15 minutes you will learn why sports are so beneficial and what you can do NOW to keep your daughter involved in them.

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Woman Wednesday Blog features Girl Boss Sports CEO on the role that sports played in her life – Check it out!

Our CEO Sarah Wolfer has been featured on the “Woman Wednesday” series by My Lilianas. In this article, Sarah discusses the role that sports played in her life and how sports can benefit girls from all walks of life. Sarah also discusses her passions for women supporting women and leadership and how those passions are impacting the work of Girl Boss Sports.

Sarah Wolfer

Here is a sneak peek:

“One of the things I hope you learn from my story is the power that sports can have on anyone and everyone. Being involved with sports provides so many opportunities to teach life lessons and find success on AND off the field. Whether you are someone who has never played before or thinking about getting back into it, just do it! There are a ton of recreational leagues and teams and classes around the nation that could be a great outlet for you and I highly recommend it. And if you are someone with children (or know somebody who has children) I’d encourage you to get them involved in (and help them stay in) sports. If you have girls, it’s even better that you’re reading this. By age 14, girls are 1.5 to 2 times more likely to drop out of sports, and this is incredibly sad to hear. This is due to a ton of reasons including lack of access, costs associated with participation in sports, and lack of positive female role models. These are all things that Girl Boss Sports is working to change.”

Read the full article HERE and don’t forget to share the love!

Girl Boss Sports Partners with Southlake Select Soccer Club in Renton/ Tukwila

All of us here at Girl Boss Sports are excited to announce a new partnership with Southlake Select Soccer Club in the Renton/ Tukwila area.

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What does this mean for you?

If you are looking for a recreational or select soccer team in the Renton or Tukwila areas, then we have just the place we’d recommend – Southlake Soccer Club! Southlake is the branch of Greater Renton Tukwila Youth Soccer Association (GRTYSA) and provides both recreational and select soccer for U10- U19. If you are interested in registering for a Southlake team, head HERE.

With a commitment to two very important goals to Girl Boss Sports, Southlake has shown that their club is ready to take the next step and keep more girls in sports and increase the number of female soccer coaches overall in our region. Girl Boss Sports and Southlake will be meeting to discuss next partnership steps and will keep all our fans and supporters in the loop as things are finalized.

All current members of Southlake Soccer Club will also receive a 25% discount for ANY Girl Boss Sports service in the Greater Seattle Area. If you are interested in this discount, please email Info@GirlBossSports.com to access the code.

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If you would like to discuss possible partnership opportunities for your company/ club/ organization – please do not hesitate to reach out. Girl Boss Sports welcomes partners who are committed to making the sports industry a more inclusive one for the female athletes and coaches who are dedicated to this world.


12 Minute Convos Podcast with Engel Jones interviews our CEO – Hear her thoughts in 12 minutes or less!

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The 12 Minute Convos Podcast just dropped an episode featuring our CEO Sarah Wolfer. This episode is perfect for you if you want to hear from Sarah but don’t have more than 15 minutes to spare. Engel and Sarah discuss girls and women in sports, leadership, and being a “womanpreneur.” Check out the episode HERE and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts.



The Practical Balance – Female Founder Series puts a spotlight on Girl Boss Sports

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With International Women’s Day coming soon (March 8th), Vix Anderton with The Practical Balance created a series celebrating Female Founders and our very own Girl Boss Sports CEO Sarah Wolfer was a part of it!

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Here is a sneak peek:

“At Girl Boss Sports, I have been able to focus on leadership, women supporting women, sports, and breaking barriers at every step as I build this company. I have learned that often in life, moments when we are “face-down in the arena” (and that arena looks different for everyone) are preparing us for future challenges or opportunities. It was through this incredibly painful experience, that I finally gathered the courage to make my vision a reality as a fire was lit in my soul to create a company that breaks barriers for the female population.


The honest answer is I don’t know, but what I DO know is that I am now stronger because of each of those building blocks of life experiences that occurred along my journey. I proved that I can advocate for myself even given the toughest of circumstances. I proved that I am resilient, motivated, and a gifted entrepreneur. I proved that I can do anything that I set my mind to and that the comeback really is better than the setback.”

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You can read the whole story about what led to the creation of Girl Boss Sports HERE!

Jade Hicks of Brand Fabulous Interviews our CEO – Sarah Wolfer on Mindset, Training, and being a “Womanpreneur”

Wow! What an amazing experience it was being a part of the Brand Fabulous Blog and Podcast with Jade Hicks. Jade is doing amazing things in the world of blogging and branding and you can check out more of her work HERE.

Brand Fabulous Podcast

In this episode of the Brand Fabulous Podcast – “How To Step out of your comfort zone and create the life you want” – Jade and Sarah speak about the following:

  • How to step out of your comfort zone and create the dream life you want
  • How to prioritize your blogger workload of success
  • The facts about mindset that will set you up for success
  • All you know to know about mindset around your blog biz!
  • How being a professional athlete is a direct reflection of life as a modern entrepreneur and how you can use this to your advantage to get what you want!

Are you ready to learn what it takes to get your mindset ready for success as an athlete, business owner, or whatever else you’re working toward? Head HERE to listen in on the conversation. If you like what you hear, please leave a comment and share the episode!


$10 Soccer Classes FOR girls BY women on Saturday March 9th in Tukwila and Sunday March 10th in Tacoma Announced

Girl Boss Sports has done it again! In honor of International Women’s Day, we are offering a soccer class for $10 per athlete on Saturday March 9th for ages 2-19 at the Tukwila Community Center located at 12424 42nd Ave S, Tukwila, WA 98168. The Tukwila Community Center is less then 20 minutes away from Auburn, Kent, Renton, and Seattle, and more. On Sunday March 10th, we are holding the same class (with same schedule/ pricing) in Tacoma at Heidelberg Athletic Park1902 S Tyler St Tacoma, WA 98405 United States.

If you have any questions, you can email us at Info@GirlBossSports.com.

*Por el día Internacional de la Mujer, Girl Boss Sports está ofreciendo clases de futbol para chicas en Tukwila por $10 en el 9 de Marzo por edades 2-19! Tambien, tenemos la misma clase en Tacoma en el 10 de Marzo. Tu debes registrar por adelantado. Si tienes preguntas, por favor enviame un correo electronico a Info@GirlBossSports.com.*


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Our schedule for the day is as follows: 

2-5 years old – 8:30am – 10am
6-9 years old – 10:30am – 12pm
10-13 years old – 12:30pm – 2pm
14-18 years old – 2:30 – 4pm

All of our services are offered FOR girls BY women in the Greater Seattle area! We believe that girls can achieve more in sports AND in life when they have female role-models to look up to and learn from. All our coaches are background checked, have extensive playing and/or coaching experience, and are ready to help your daughter grow into the soccer player she dreams of.