Girl Boss Sports provides opportunities for businesses and community members to reach the female-half of the soccer community throughout the Greater Seattle area by partnering with us. With over 1.7 million female soccer players registered in the United States, there is untapped potential at Girl Boss Sports to garner visibility for your business all while supporting the beautiful game of soccer – for girls!

Girl Boss Sports was created to meet the unique needs of female soccer players here in the Greater Seattle area – and we are the ONLY company dedicated solely to soccer girls here in the US. We work on 3 main areas to help improve the overall game – Technique (footwork, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc), Soccer Fitness (speed, agility, endurance, coordination, balance etc), and arguably most important – Mentality (confidence, communication, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, becoming a champion, and more). Everything we do at Girl Boss Sports is within the lens of the what female athletes need to be successful on AND off the soccer field, and THAT is something local business can get behind. What we do at Girl Boss Sports goes beyond what happens on the soccer field – it is an all-encompassing experience.

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Sponsors of Girl Boss Sports share our values at Girl Boss Sports and are ready to take action to help the next generation of female athletes become the best they can be in sports AND in life. Girl Boss Sports has many sponsorship opportunities that will allow greater numbers of girls in the area to participate in our programs who may not otherwise be able to afford it. With ever-increasing numbers of services and coaches entering our team, there is limitless potential for your business and brand to gain visibility among our participants. We have a quickly increasing social media presence (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest), an engaging email list and website, special events, promotions in the news/ media, and ongoing communications that allow us to offer several different sponsorship opportunities for you! We are always welcoming new sponsorship opportunities from businesses and organizations no matter the size for two main reasons:

  1. We want to keep the costs as low as possible in order to reach members of our community who otherwise can’t afford these kind of services. We believe soccer should be accessible for all and your sponsorship can allow girls who could otherwise not afford it, to improve her skills across all the areas we previously mentioned.

  2. We want to promote your business to the local community to increase your brand exposure to our own clients as well as the surrounding community.

Our CEO, Sarah Wolfer, is frequently involved in communications not only in the Seattle area, but also nationally and internationally as she speaks about girls and women in sports, leadership, and the very important work we do at Girl Boss Sports. Because of this AND our strategic marketing plan, we have access to thousands of individuals and families who could be seeing your business/ brand by joining Girl Boss Sports as a sponsor.

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2019 Sponsorship Opportunities: 

  1. You can sponsor a local soccer girl/ family (or more than 1) to receive private lessons to help her improve her game with our “Fee Support” program.
  2. You can sponsor a “Skill Clinic” in various regions throughout Seattle – We are developing these for various age groups in Lynnwood, Seattle, Tukwila, Auburn, Tacoma, and Kitsap.
  3. You can sponsor our 2019 Summer Camp – dates and full information TBD.
  4. Customized Sponsorship opportunities – Tell us how you would like to support.

Click HERE to complete our 2019 Girl Boss Sports Sponsorship Application and make a dream come true for a Seattle-area Soccer Girl!

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