Skill Clinics

Skills Clinics

  • Excellent way to get ready for your season, learn what it takes to become a captain on the team, and improve overall ability to accomplish those soccer dreams! 
  • Skill clinics focus on Mentality, Technique, and Soccer Fitness – All with the female athlete perspective in mind.
  • All clinics are staffed with solely female soccer coaches who understand what it takes to be successful as a female soccer player and woman in this world – “You can be what you can see!” 
  • Your daughter will develop a variety of soccer techniques and be challenged and inspired to be the best she can be on AND off the field.
  • We have a 1:9 – Coach to Player Ratio for maximum effectiveness.
  • Total Cost per athlete is $25 per week (Discounts available for full program registration)


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Week 1

  • Technique: Dribbling and Footwork
  • Mentality: Developing a Champion Mentality and Decision-Making
  • Soccer Fitness: Speed and Agility

Week 2

  • Technique: Juggling and Fakes/ Moves
  • Mentality: Confidence and Self-Talk
  • Soccer Fitness: Balance and Leg Strength

Week 3

  • Technique: Passing and Receiving, Ball Accuracy, Defensive Tactics
  • Mentality: Teamwork, Communication, and Sportsmanship
  • Soccer Fitness: Endurance Fundamentals

Week 4

  • Technique: Shooting Technique and Offensive Tactics, Small Sided Games
  • Mentality: Leadership and Becoming Captain
  • Soccer Fitness: Flexibility and Coordination

Week 5 (If Applicable)

  • Technique: Week 1 – 4 Review and Improve, Larger Scrimmage
  • Mentality: Game Ready (Putting it all Together)
  • Soccer Fitness: Soccer Fitness Review

Upcoming Skill Clinics

We are looking at developing skill clinics in the following locations soon: Seattle, Lynnwood, Tacoma, and Kitsap County. We are also looking at providing skill clinics for other age groups as well – Please complete the following contact form if you would be interested in a skill clinic in one of these areas (or another location) and what age your athlete is, so we can ensure we create services that best fit YOUR (and HER) needs.