Jackie Amrine

Jackie holds lessons on Saturdays and Sundays at Ravenna Park in Seattle, WA – Jackie works with Goalkeepers and Field Players

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Jackie has played soccer since 1st grade – A long standing tradition for females in the Amrine family. Currently, she is an active teammate for the Unite UW soccer team at the University of Washington Seattle IMA location. Not only does she have first hand experience on what it’s like to work as a collaborative whole and utilize teamwork to score goals and win games, but has ample experience working with children and teens of all ages. She possesses skills in training, ball technique, and understands the ins and outs of GOALKEEPING! Currently, Jackie is working towards her nursing degree and is a certified CNA. So don’t worry, on and off the field safety is a priority of hers! 

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Jackie grew up locally in the town of Snohomish, Washington. All throughout elementary and middle school she played for soccer organizations utilizing the local Stocker Fields. Unfortunately, during most of  Jackie’s childhood, her only positive female soccer role model was present on T.V. – that figure being Hope Solo, goal keeper and girl boss. Jackie realized that the quality of a coach, whether it be male or female are crucial to build the proper skill sets necessary for soccer and that is why she is excited to be a part of the Girl Boss Sports family. The amount of  time, effort, and care a coach puts into a team or individual shapes that team or individuals’ outlook on the game.

Jackie has two furry pups named Mia and Macy in her hometown of Snohomish. Her strengths are determination and charisma and her weakness is Starbucks. There is no stopping her from overpaying for an over-sweetened branded beverage.

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Jackie incorporates teaching styles accumulated over her years of play, picking through techniques to find the best ways to go about training others. Training styles focusing on methodical and assertive behavior compared to solely utilizing aggression, encourage a player to use their head in stressful situations rather than their gut or emotional energy, on the field. In addition, this type of play reduces being yellow carded or injured. “Save your drama for your llama,” is a quote her mom used to preach. Jackie stands (and runs) by this quote to this day. But, most importantly Jackie never gives up. Jackie’s first female soccer Icon once said “Even when quitting seems like the best option, there’s always a reason to keep going” and. . . “I am going to be a professional soccer player,” and sure enough, Hope Solo achieved her dreams. No matter what goals you strive for, keep on kicking!

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