Julia Kumai

Julia holds lessons on Saturdays at parks located in Queen Anne, Ballard, or Green Lake

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Julia 1

Julia says I am very excited about this coaching opportunity because I never really had a lot of female soccer role-models to look up to (other than my own teammates). Soccer is an amazing sport because you can learn a lot of life lessons on the field, but when there is no one to explain them, you can miss out on a lot. I would have loved to have been able to receive this advice and encouragement from an older female coach that understands the difficulties in being a girl soccer player, on and off the field. I feel so honored to be able to provide these girls with the support they deserve.”

Julia 2

Julia fell in love with soccer at the age of five years old, and has played ever since. She loves the free flowing, yet high intensity energy of the game as each play is always different and always new. She learned a lot about life through each 90-minute game as it requires each player to be simultaneously creative, ambitious, elegant, and smart.

She was the captain of her premier team for four years, and the captain of her varsity team for two. Julia has also coached for many teams including younger premier teams, her high school JV team, and the Sno-King Youth Sports annual summer soccer camp. She has also privately trained young children, which she believes was the most rewarding experience as she was able to watch them grow confidence in themselves and in their passion for soccer.

Julia is currently an Exercise Science major at Seattle Pacific University and intends to continue her education at graduate school for Physical Therapy. She is so excited to be coaching and being able to provide support for female athletes.

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