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Lisa serves as general legal counsel for Girl Boss Sports, LLC on a volunteer basis. Lisa has a small diverse practice in Shoreline, Washington, that includes legal support for entrepreneurs, athletes, and small businesses in the sports industry. She is a volunteer soccer coach for two youth soccer teams and a volunteer coach for Girl Boss Sports, LLC.

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Lisa holds lessons at Twin Ponds or Paramount in Shoreline, Maple Leaf Reservoir, Magnuson, or Meadowbrook in Seattle. She is available by special request only, so please email before booking via the link below.

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Lisa Martinez has been dedicated to the sport of soccer in some capacity for over 30 years. It all started with a flyer posted on the walls of her elementary school when she was in kindergarten. She showed up for her first team practice and that was it. There was no other sport or activity that commanded her attention or love as much as soccer did.

There are so many valuable lessons and experiences soccer and sports in general offers. One thing that played an important role in Lisa’s journey through soccer was mentorship and coaching. She appreciates the integral role coaches play in their player’s lives, on and off the field. Lisa recalls that none of her coaches were ever women. She realizes that part of this was the lack of women in the sports pipeline, due to various limitations and biases. She also recalls one of her male coaches realizing this and putting as much effort as he could in showing his girls teams that woman play and excel in the sport. He would take Lisa’s team to women’s college games, women’s professional games, and women’s world cup matches. Lisa remembers being introduced to players such as Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, and Brianna Scurry – the Rapinoe’s of her day. This exposure and representation made the difference in Lisa’s childhood as a young girl and soccer player.

She played through high school and college. She continued to play even through numerous surgeries and injuries over the years. Nothing has stopped her from staying involved.


Most recently she has transitioned her admiration for the game through her son and her son’s classmates. She coaches a boys team and a girls team for her son’s school cohort. She is also a volunteer coach with Girl Boss Sports. After attending a GBS led coaches training session she learned about Sarah Wolfer, her business, and her mission. Lisa recalled her experience with soccer and the lack of women coaches. She knew right away this was something that she wanted to be involved in. She contacted Sarah and offered her support as a volunteer coach.