Mandi is available to hold lessons every day of the week, at various times and locations throughout Kitsap, North Mason, Pierce, and other locations by request (  Her primary field location is Kiwanis Park  1701 5th St, Bremerton, WA 98337

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Mandi’s love for the beautiful game began in 1998 in France while she was playing street soccer with local youth. Her main athletic focus for 18 years was the sport of Figure Skating, but along-side that she continued to play and develop skills in soccer. Ten years ago she was sidelined from figure skating due to injury, and found a new home in the sport of soccer, where she has been able to apply the same passion, focus and love for learning and improving technique and skill constantly. 

Mandi is an NASM certified personal trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist, and plays indoor soccer multiple days a week primarily at the positions of midfielder and goalkeeper.  She has been a gameday volunteer with the Seattle Reign/Reign FC since 2016, serving on the stretcher crew, retail, and game day field and stadium set up positions.

She loves coaching for the opportunity it gives her to share everything that she learned, not just from soccer but also from figure skating and personal training. Sports are about preparation, dedication, and fun. Even when learning skills that are daunting or that may not be your favorite, it’s important to find ways to keep your mind and body engaged and connected to the joy of sport.

As a coach, Mandi’s goal is to help each athlete connect to that place, maintaining the love of the game while building their skill and technique, physicality and mental fortitude at the pace that is best suited to the individual, and most likely to build an overall strength to the team. 

She is happy to coach any ages, including adult women as well as youth of all genders in or around Kitsap County and surrounding areas.  Her availability will be open and flexible, but fields are not lighted, and are limted to daylight hours. 

Mandi says – “I’m very excited about Girl Boss Sports. I feel that empowering girls and women, allowing them the opportunity to work together and build the game with shared knowledge, skills, and experiences from those who have been there will help to pave the way for a more prepared, mentally empowered, and physically and technically advanced generation of women soccer players, coaches and referees.”

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