The Whole Athlete

Our Coaching Philosophy

Girl Boss Sports coaching philosophy includes specific strategies intended to address the mental, social and physical challenges young athletes experience through intentional coaching in the areas of mental health, empowerment and leadership development with special attention to inclusivity.  By prioritizing the unique experiences faced by girl athletes, we provide a safe training environment for all athletes; that not only helps players to reach their full athletic potential, but will also prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

When we coach girls in sports, we must always consider the hardships they face.  Including, but not limited to:

  • Media and social messaging is not as inspiring or friendly to girls as their male peers.  From body shaming to perpetuating traditional roles for girls and women.  We have come a long way, but there is always room for growth. 
  • Girls are playing in an arena that was designed for boys/men and for the most part owned and ran by men as well. The sports world, and world in general is not always conducive to where and what they see themselves as now or in their future.
  • Girls’ lives, like all athletes, off the field are intimately connected to the athlete on the field, but they are carrying all the negative messaging from the areas above each time they take the field.
Our Holistic Approach

The Pieces of Whole Athlete


Recruit former club, college and professional womxn athletes

- Womxn who lived the unique experience of being elite female athletes
- Interpersonal skills focused interviews
- Comfortable with holistic approach
- Dedication to making it easier for the next generations

Inclusive language

- Mr. Rogers’s rule of inclusivity
Remove any element that does not apply to all children
Example: use words like homies or raisins in place of parents or mom and dad
- We recommend utilizing gender neutral language
Example: use words like friends when addressing the group rather than guys, gals, etc.

- Language that focuses on their long-term leadership skills vs. their goals or skills in sports
Praise their hard work and effort, without over emphasizing natural ability


Coach led Social Emotional Learning (Coach Chats) - assigned or selected discussions

- 15 minute TED style discussions
- Pillars (areas of importance)
Growth Mindset
Respect and Boundaries
- Please refer to the Whole Athlete presentation for more information on Coach Chat subjects you can inspire; this a chance to think outside of the box and share our knowledge as womxn, athletes, professionals and guide the next generation.